Your Best Defense: Why Manufacturer Certifications Matter

As some of the greatest football teams have proven (go Ravens!), sometimes the best offense is a lights-out defense. The same goes for your low-voltage system. And a good defense starts with choosing a certified installer. BoMark is proud to be certified by the industry’s top manufacturers. How does this benefit your project?

Superior Warranty Protection

Manufacturers traditionally only offer their best warranties on projects that are overseen by a certified installer. As a certified installer, BoMark gives you instant access to the industry’s best protection, including:  

  • •Belding 25-year Warranty
    • •Corning 20-Year Warranty
      • •Legrand (Superior Essex cabling & Ortronics connectivity) nCompass Standard and Premium Performance Limited Lifetime Warranties (pre-approval required for projects outside of Maryland)
        • •Molex 25-Year Warranty
          • •Panduit Certification Plus System Warranty Program (with project pre-approval)

Smarter Technology

While many installers rely on outdated technology to improve their bottom line, certified installers like BoMark have been vetted to deliver each manufacturer’s latest solutions. The final result for you is a state-of-the-art system that works faster and smarter and has a longer shelf life.

The Latest Expertise

Certification requires constant education and training. At BoMark, our team has received hands-on training from the top manufacturers on the latest topics, like fusion splicing and data center design. There’s no low-voltage challenge we can’t tackle for you.

Current BoMark Certifications

  • •Belden Network Partner Alliance Installer
    • •BICSI Certified Installers, Level 2 (Copper/Optical Fiber)
      • •BICSI Certified Technicians
        • •BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)
          • •Corning Network Preferred Installer (NPI)
            • •Fluke Networks Versiv Fiber Certified Cabling Test Technicians For Loss/Length (Tier 1) & OTDR (Tier 2) Fiber Certification with the CertiFiber® Pro and OptiFiber® Pro
              • •HILTI Firestop Systems
                • •Interlogix Security Systems
                  • •Legrand Installer Plus (includes Ortronics and Superior Essex)
                    • •Lencor Certified Installers (sound masking systems)
                      • •Molex Premise Networks Business Partner
                        • •OSHA 10
                          • •OSHA 30
                            • •Panduit
                              • •Sumitomo Air Blown Fiber Systems
                                • •Surecall