BoMark Technology Group Begins Work on 2 Major School Projects

A rendering of the entrance to Rock Terrace School, part of the Rock Terrace/Tilden Middle School revitalization

project specs

  • Client: Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Tilden Middle/Rock Creek School:  245,626 sq/ft 
  • Maryvale Elementary School:  178,625 sq/ft
  • Superior Essex horizontal cabling
  • Corning fiber optic tie cabling (between MDF and IDFs)
  • Ortronics and OCC connectivity (cat6 / cat6a jacks and patch panels)
  • Chatsworth equipment racks in the MDF/ IDFs

about the project

As a preferred contractor for Montgomery County Public Schools, BoMark Technology Group had the honor of beginning work on two of the school system’s newest and most prestigious projects:

  • Rock Terrace School/Tilden Middle School revitalization/expansion Project
  • Maryvale Elementary School – Sandburg Learning modernization project 

Both are expected to be completed by June and fully operational in August for the start of the 2020-21 school year. BoMark Technology Group vice president Mike Petrecca shared some of the highlights of the projects.

How experienced is BoMark in the worLd of education?

Mike Petrecca: Very experienced! We complete 4-6 large school renovation and/or new construction projects yearly, on average. So our foreman and technicians all have an abundance of experience working on these types of projects. Although each county is a little different, our crews understand the challenges of working in education and higher education from top to bottom. It has become second nature for our team.

Because of this experience, we are also always prepared, seasonally speaking. Summers are very busy as it’s ideal for school systems to have contractors in to do work while teachers and students are out for summer break. We plan accordingly and each spring we have no issues ramping up our manpower in anticipation of the summer push. 

What about these 2 education projects stands out the most to you?

Mike Petrecca: Normally on large school renovation and construction projects the electrical and low voltage contractors are not needed to begin “new work” for months or sometimes years.

Montgomery County Public Schools’ renovation and construction projects are very unique in that when these projects bid out, once awarded, you are expected to mobilize onsite within a few days or weeks.

BoMark Technology Group has no issues meeting such tight deadlines and is able to get a lot of work completed in a matter of 3-6 months depending on the school.

Why is seeing a project like this important to your other clients?

Mike Petrecca: It’s just further proof that we’ve never failed to complete a project by the substantial completion date. We take pride in that. Our clients know that no job is too large and no schedule is too tight when we commit to taking on a project.  

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