Your Best Defense: Why Manufacturer Certifications Matter

As some of the greatest football teams have proven (go Ravens!), sometimes the best offense is a lights-out defense. The same goes for your low-voltage system. And a good defense starts with choosing a certified installer. BoMark is proud to be certified by the industry’s top manufacturers. How does this benefit your project?

Superior Warranty Protection

Manufacturers traditionally only offer their best warranties on projects that are overseen by a certified installer. As a certified installer, BoMark gives you instant access to the industry’s best protection, including:  

  • •Belding 25-year Warranty
    • •Corning 20-Year Warranty
      • •Legrand (Superior Essex cabling & Ortronics connectivity) nCompass Standard and Premium Performance Limited Lifetime Warranties (pre-approval required for projects outside of Maryland)
        • •Molex 25-Year Warranty
          • •Panduit Certification Plus System Warranty Program (with project pre-approval)

Smarter Technology

While many installers rely on outdated technology to improve their bottom line, certified installers like BoMark have been vetted to deliver each manufacturer’s latest solutions. The final result for you is a state-of-the-art system that works faster and smarter and has a longer shelf life.

The Latest Expertise

Certification requires constant education and training. At BoMark, our team has received hands-on training from the top manufacturers on the latest topics, like fusion splicing and data center design. There’s no low-voltage challenge we can’t tackle for you.

Current BoMark Certifications

  • •Belden Network Partner Alliance Installer
    • •BICSI Certified Installers, Level 2 (Copper/Optical Fiber)
      • •BICSI Certified Technicians
        • •BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)
          • •Corning Network Preferred Installer (NPI)
            • •Fluke Networks Versiv Fiber Certified Cabling Test Technicians For Loss/Length (Tier 1) & OTDR (Tier 2) Fiber Certification with the CertiFiber® Pro and OptiFiber® Pro
              • •HILTI Firestop Systems
                • •Interlogix Security Systems
                  • •Legrand Installer Plus (includes Ortronics and Superior Essex)
                    • •Lencor Certified Installers (sound masking systems)
                      • •Molex Premise Networks Business Partner
                        • •OSHA 10
                          • •OSHA 30
                            • •Panduit
                              • •Sumitomo Air Blown Fiber Systems
                                • •Surecall

BoMark Technology Group Awarded Multiple School Projects

Calvin Rodwell Elementary Rendering

Students may be getting into back-to-school mode, but BoMark Technology Group has been hitting the classroom all summer long. In recent months, the company has added nearly a dozen large-scale academic projects to its roster. See the list here. 

Mike Petrecca, vice president of BoMark Technology Group, explains how their team ensures schools always get an A+ when it comes to their low voltage systems.

Is there anything unique about schools (versus other types of facilities) that BoMark takes into account when you’re working?

Mike Petrecca: “When we’re working in existing schools, our team is cautious and courteous working around teachers and students. A lot of times it requires second shift work (3PM-11PM) and our teams are accustomed to working that shift in order to minimize any outages before teachers and students return the next day. It also requires extensive clean-up in classrooms so that no debris is left in those rooms when students return the next morning.”

What about new-school construction? How does BoMark adapt for that?

Petrecca: “New-school construction almost always has tight deadlines because the school has to open on time. So pushing the construction schedule back is not an option. We’re able to take on these projects because we have more than 15 years of experience working in schools. We know we can complete the large volume of work required in such a short period of time.”

Of all of BoMark’s academic projects, what are you most proud of?

Petrecca: “That we are the only low-voltage contractor on the multi-year preferred vendors contracts for Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, and Montgomery County public schools. We’re currently working in all 3 districts. Those contracts are limited to 3-5 approved vendors, so there has to be a significant level of trust between the vendor and a county’s ITS department to get a spot on the list. So I’m proud of the fact that these school systems trust us at that level—because they know that we deliver consistently excellent work


Baltimore City Schools:

  • • New school construction of Calvin Rodwell Elementary School
  • • Renovations & additional of Mary Rodman Elementary/Middle School
  • • Renovation & additional of Arlington Elementary School

Baltimore County Schools:

New school construction of Colgate Elementary School


Towson University: 

Complete renovation of Glen Dining Hall

Colgate Elementary School Rendering
Montgomery Community College Student Services Center

Montgomery County Schools:

New school construction of Clarksburg Elementary School #2 (opening fall 2019)

Montgomery Community College:

New building construction of Student Services Center


BoMark Technology Group Awarded Corning Certification

BoMark Technology Group is proud to announce that it is now a certified Corning Network Preferred Installer (NPI).

To become a certified Corning NPI, BoMark was required to meet stringent requirements for technical experience, financial strength, and proven dedication to quality. “This is not something that Corning hands out to just anyone,” notes BoMark Technology Group vice president Mike Petrecca. “There’s a trust there. Corning trusts that you will represent them right out in the field.”

The most advanced fiber design training 

Bomark’s certification became official after Petrecca completed the Corning Fiber Design training program at the manufacturer’s Hickory, North Carolina headquarters in late June. During the 3-day workshop, Petrecca received hands-on training from Corning’s experts on the critical aspects of successful fiber optic system design, including network configurations, splicing methods, and system testing.

“Corning makes sure you are ready for the next generation of fiber design,” Petrecca adds. “A major part of the training was understanding the new demands of the data center industry and how that is evolving.”

The ultimate protection for BoMark clients

As a Corning NPI, BoMark can now provide all clients with Corning’s exclusive NPI 25-year product warranty. The warranty covers total system performance as well as each product component of your Corning solution and guarantees the repair or replacement of defective Corning products—FREE of charge—for up to 25 years after installation.

It also means that BoMark clients will always have the latest technology at their fingertips. “A lot of providers rely on legacy solutions as a way to improve the bottom line,” explains Petrecca. “Our Corning certification tells our clients that we are committed to installing the smartest technology.”

The certified choice

BoMark’s Corning NPI certification is just the latest measure in the organization’s mission to be the leader in safety and customer protection. Other BoMark certifications include:

  • • Legrand (which includes Superior Essex and Ortronics)
  • • Panduit
  • • Lencore Sound Masking • Systems
  • • BICSI
  • • OSHA 30
  • View more

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Welcome to the team!

BoMark Technology Group welcomed our newest addition to the team today, John Fulton. He’s a true veteran of the industry with over 12 years’ experience and we’re excited to have him join our management team as Superintendent / Asst. Project Manager. Welcome to the team John!

Clarksburg Elementary School #2 and Towson University Glen Dining Hall in the near future…..

It’s been a busy yet very successful week thus far! #BoMarkCommunications has landed contracts for the complete renovation of Towson University – Glen Dining Hall & new construction of MCPS – Clarksburg Village Elementary School #2 ! The BoMark team looks forward to working with TU and MCPS in the near future. Glad to quote anything you may need assistance with upcoming! Please contact Mike ( or Garth ( for assistance.

“Women in Construction week 2019!”

As you may be aware, this week is recognized as “Women in Construction week 2019”. I wanted to take a second to thank one of my lead technicians Michele Ring! I’ve known Michele for over 15 years in the industry and her dedication to BoMark is second to none. She is always the first one on the job, willing and ready to work! Here at #BoMarkCommunications we take pride in hiring a diverse workforce and we are “Committed to the Power of Teamwork”! #WICweek2019